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* The world’s largest and most padded side sleeper neck support pillow. Never too flat. All other neck support pillows for allergy sufferers have half the support volume. Total length: approx. 340 cm. For all body weights: support pillow up to 20 cm high.

* Recommended by physiotherapists: can help relieve (chronic) pain. Osteoarthritis in the lumbar vertebra area, knees, stinging pain in the hips and lower back. Patented 3D shoulder zone to relieve cervical vertebra and neck pain. For pregnant, heavy and tall people.

* Adjustable from soft to firm and from low to high: The XXL side sleeper pillow with the world's largest comfort volume: the longest, widest, most dense and highest filled pillow for side sleepers in the world. No other support pillow can compete.

* Patented 3D net shoulder comfort: No other extra-large cuddly pillow suitable for adults supports and nestles as close to your body as the Jumbo XXL test winner pillow.

* Multifunctional: Ideal for sitting, lying down and relaxing. The side sleeper pillow with memory foam-like adjustment perfectly stabilises and supports the neck, spine, hips and legs anatomically. Side sleeper cushion cover washable at 60 °C. 

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