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Invest in Hostelry Spain. 6% interest income.


Invest in an booming niche market.

The hostelry sector is one of the most active in our country and one of the engines of the Spanish economy.

Close to launch; Online Hostelry trading place in Spain.

Software is proofen and operational.

An investment of €125.000 is required for software modification and to secure a safe start-up.

Positive cashflow expected in Q1 2020, seriously increasing monthly.


Through adquire shares, starts from 200 shares.

Or participate wit an convertible loan with an interest rate of 6%

Total shares in Hostuya 2019, SL - 6,000

ROI not earlier and not later than after successful 2 years.

Experienced Dutch management.

Risk profile: low/middle (on technics of website: zero, as software is proofed).

Possible upswing: extreme.


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