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Painting For Sale: Lord Of The Rings

Painting: The Lord Of The Rings 
Size: 81x100cm
Material: Acrylic

Great movie, wonderful effects, great actors, great story. What else to say about The Lord Of The Rings movies? I wanted to portray allof the characters on one canvas. (81x100cm)

One funny thing is that all of them mostly have blue eyes. Since I'm living in Spain I noticed that the people over here are mostly brown eyed. In my country, The Netherlands, wemostly have blue eyed people, so why is that I ask myself?

For this painting I used 3D paste on the background, painted the map around the 'all seen Eye' & the ring also have some special effects. Frodo has the other ring around his neck, because as the title of the movie, contains more than one ring...
For more information, please contact me. I am a professional Artist, living in Madrid, Spain. (Sending will take possibly 3-4 days) Costs for the sending are paid by me! (Phone: 0034 626 124 791, here you can enter directly in my Catalogue)

William Rowan
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