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Prijs: € 3.500

Painting For Sale: Into The Woods

Painting: Into The Woods
Size: 81x100cm
Material: Acrylic

Into the Woods is a 2014 American Musical Fantasy Film, which I am a big fan of because of its actors. Actors whom unexpectedly can sing. The story is told through songs and lyrics, a wonderful way of telling any story I believe, though this one is more fairy tale like. The colors used in the movie and customs gave me inspiration to create this 81x100cm painting.

You might not see it on the photo from the painting, but in real life, the tree is so very realistic, almost touchable. The title of the movie to me is somewhat mysterious. To me it sounds like an invitation.
For more information, please contact me. I am a professional Artist, living in Madrid, Spain. (Sending will take possibly 3-4 days) Costs for the sending are paid by me! (Phone: 0034 626 124 791, here you can enter directly in my Catalogue)

William Rowan
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